The Mirage System includes a lightweight and ergonomic video see-through HMD that was designed to minimize physical and eye fatigue. The optics were chosen to show minimum differences between the real environment and the images taken from the cameras in order to achieve a better realism of merging virtual scenes over the real environment.
The Mirage TM Augmented Reality System is a complete solution allowing you to create your own AR experience by inserting virtual content into the real environment. It includes a high-end stereoscopic OLED video see-through HMD and the MirageBuilder TM AR authoring software that work together to track different targets and display overlay near or onto them. The stereoscopic display allows the user to perceive depths for the most realistic experience and OLED technology offers the best color image quality available in head mounted displays today.
How does it work ?
The Mirage TM HMD includes two cameras that are placed in front of the OLED ocular displays. The cameras send the images of the surroundings to the attached computer and the software uses image processing algorithms to detect marker patterns in the image. If one or more marker patterns are detected, those patterns are used to compute the 3D pose of the associated contents and then the overlay is drawn over the camera images for both eyes. The images are then sent back to the OLED ocular displays in front of both eyes. The result is a highly realistic and accurate stereoscopic realtime AR experience !
Operational Diagram
What's in the box?
The Mirage TM AR System includes the following parts :

  • The Mirage stereoscopic HMD, OLED 800x600 display
  • Mirage HMD cables and accessories
  • The Mirage Builder and MirageAPI software installation CD
  • A calibration test target
  • Vinyl sticker marker sheet pack
  • A high quality ruggedized transport case
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