The Mirage System includes a lightweight and ergonomic video see-through HMD that was designed to minimize physical and eye fatigue. The optics were chosen to show minimum differences between the real environment and the images taken from the cameras in order to achieve a better realism of merging virtual scenes over the real environment.
Mirage Aluminum Tripod Holder
The Mirage Tripod Holder is made of high quality aluminum and anodized for a clean and durable finish. It can be used both for holding the HMD on a tabletop and on top of any standard camera tripod using an 1/4"x20 screw.
We highly recommend using the holder on a tripod for recording new marker patterns and inserting and aligning 3D models over reality using the MirageBuilder AR Authoring application.
Mirage Vinyl Sticker Marker Sheet
Supplemental Vinyl Sticker Marker Sheet can be necessary depending on your application needs in patterns. Various marker sizes are available, depending on the average working distance you need. Contact us !
Mirage Laptop Accessory kit
The Laptop Accessory kit provides all cables and adapters needed to run the Mirage System on a laptop computer. It includes :
  • one 1394a cable, 6 pin to 4 pin
  • one three port firewire Hub
  • one DC adapter for the firewire Hub
Note: Please contact us for more information about running the Mirage on a laptop computer.
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